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The profession of Social Work has given me the opportunities to follow my passions, which are focused on Intergroup Dialogue, End of Life Care, Mental Health and Teaching. I have taught at Augsburg University and St. Olaf College. Both Graduate and Undergraduate students. Working with the Hypatia Consulting Group has expanded the Intergroup Dialogue in community settings, which has been rewarding. Most recently with the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, MN.

In the field of mental health, I have worked for the State of MN with clients that have been committed by the State. A deep understanding of intersectional ways in which mental health effects community, courts, families and health care systems is a part my integrated practice.

Talking about end of life is a subject that touches my soul and always willing to discuss all aspects of death and dying.

I look forward to consulting with you, your community, your family and colleagues on any of the topics above and more. Facilitation of difficult topics is a specialty in my practice. Questions always welcomed, exploring answers is an outcome I look forward to hearing.

Theo Page