Bao Thao

Thao comes with over 20 years of successful project management and management of diversity initiatives and programs in the corporate, nonprofit, and healthcare sectors. Thao’s extensive experience in building and sustaining dynamic partnerships and networks have resulted in institutional wide diversity and inclusion strategies that support business goals and at the same time, reduce disparity, create access, and support professional career growth. She has a proven track record of effectively influencing and navigating across organizational boundaries. In addition, Thao’s corporate experience gives her a deep understanding of corporate branding, market research, and operations management.

Bao is well versed in scholarly-based diversity and inclusion models and research. Her professional career has been focused on creating access, pipelines, support and advocacy for historically marginalized populations that directly impact recruiting and professional development opportunities. She has 1) directed, facilitated, and implemented large-scale training/programs, and research projects, 2) translated best practices into strategy and action, and 3) effectively analyzed data to drive institutional initiatives and outcomes related to diversity.

Through her consulting, needs analysis, coaching, and project management skills, she facilitates individual clients to set goals, develop individualized success plans, to define organizational and business needs and translate them into innovative and creative programs. and follow-up to ensure success. In addition, she provides tools and processes for organizations and individuals to engage in inter-group dialogue across differences. Bao has outstanding community engagement skills.

Thao has her Project Management certificate and MA in Leadership in Student Affairs from The University of St. Thomas. She attained her BA degree from Colgate University, with a double major in Sociology/Anthropology, Asian Studies-Chinese Language and Politics.

Bao Thao