The Hypatia Group, Inc.

Maximizing Your Diversity Assets

Hypatia helps clients retool, rethink, and restructure to meet the challenges inherent in creating and maintaining successfully diverse and inclusive organizations and communities. We partner with governmental agencies, businesses, non-profits, religious and educational organizations and communities to provide an integrated approach to problem solving.

The Hypatia Group:

Our style is to provide forthright, honest assessment and counseling, and wherever possible transfer knowledge to internal leadership and communications staff.

Whether we directly intervene to help companies promptly and conclusively manage reputationally defining situations, provide guidance and advice, or coach for individual success or organizational leadership, our goal is to build the fundamental management strengths of the organizations we serve.

Our name honors Hypatia of Alexandria [pronounced hy-pay-sha]. "The last scientist who worked in the Library [of Alexandria] was a mathematician, astronomer, physicist and the head of the Neoplatonic school of philosophy--Her name was Hypatia. She was born in Alexandria in 370 BC. At a time when women had few options, and were treated as property, Hypatia moved freely and unselfconsciously through traditional male domains…she was a symbol of learning and science. …she continued to teach and publish, until, in the year 415, on her way to work she was set upon by a fanatical mob [and murdered]…"  (Carl Sagan)